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All-in-One Logistic

OOkana is all-in-one solution with a
complex of logistics features.

Proved Partners

Proven logistics partners improve supply chain efficiency,
costs, and enhances overall customer service.

Best Pricing Offers

We'll match prices from the top logistics providers.

24/7 Services

Providing 24/7 customer service has immense
benefits for any business.
Provide best freight pricing 24/7

Corporate service

Best B2B logistics solution available

OOkana is a cutting-edge easy to use automated B2B-platform based on the principles of an aggregator/marketplace.

About us

Win-win solution


Partners are only reliable global suppliers of transport/logistics services.


Compiling and offer of optimal prices / terms / options based on automatic selection of partner offers 24/7.


Additional services for project participants: extended insurance, banking services, special offers from partners.

Premium Services

OOkana using technology to shape a paradigm shift

Global Partners
Verified Companies
World Offices
Focused on MENA and SCO
Global logistics is built on physical assets but is still digitally fragmented.

We’re using technology to merge physical and digital spheres to radically transform the global flow of goods through more open ways of working, including an API-first approach, shared data models and cutting-edge sourcing code.

This approach will connect and simplify supply chains for companies of small and middle sizes, by giving them visibility and access to data to make the right decisions.

Our team


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Denis Kotelnikov

Logistics Executive
21 years of work experience in large international logistics companies.
Our team photo

Vicky Mishra

MENA Representative
Ten years experience in MENA+China logistics.
Our team photo

Konstantin Savitski

MarCom expert in B2B&C software
Over 20 year experience in launch software solutions.